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Jining Hengwang Mining Machinery Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer, Trading Company
Main Products:Mining tools,hydraulic tools,pneumatic tools,explosion-proof electrical appliances,lifting tools,light rail equipment and accessories,spraying machine and accessories,engineering machinery accessories,steel,building materials (excluding dangerous chemicals) sales and online sales,Production,processing and sales of mining machinery and equipment and accessories (limited to branch companies),Import and export of general goods and technologies.(for projects subject to approval according to law,business activities can be carried out only after the approval of relevant departments),Pile Driver,Small And Medium-Sized Drilling Equipment And Accessories,Engineering Machinery And Accessories,Agricultural Machinery,Garden Machinery,Track Tools And Accessories,Mechanical Equipment And Accessories Production Processing And Marketing,Building Materials Sales,Import And Export Of General Goods And Technologies.(The Above Does Not Include National Restricted Grade Products And Hazardous Chemicals)
Supplier Assessment ProceduresFinished Product InspectionCompany Industry Experience(10 Year)